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07 March 2010 @ 07:53 pm
These pictures are already two months old. Though I wanted to post them two weeks ago.
Looking at it now, it's a pretty flashy outfit. Mostly because it's me who's wearing it, I'm so tall.
I like calling bordeaux x chocolat "raspberry choko". And "framboisier chocolat" would be even more fancy, I guess? (haha)

...it's flashy, right...
When I took the picture I thought my O legs looked ugly, so I put one leg behind the other to see if it looks better, I'm practising that lately(though I always forget).
I tried wearing my Mary Magdalene Elodie JSK(strawberry) with my Emanuelle blouse(chocolat).
Because the beige lace was standing out so much, I choose gold for accessories.
The choker is Juliette et Justine's Ange et couronne cristal(bordeaux), the bracelet is Couronne et ruban(all crystal).
The earings I made myself, though you can't see them.
To go with the raspberry choko theme, the tights are brown, too, and the shoes are A/P's Clara short boots(brown).
On my head I wore a Victorian Maiden Lace Rose Garland corsage and a sparkling golden headband.
I was desperate so I used lot's of things (haha)

You see the accessories better like this. I usually never take close-ups of my head...
I guess because it's weird to censor a face on a close-up picture.
The choker and bracelet are all sparkly, they're so pretty. But the crown on the choker is always crooked...it would be great if I could fix this somehow.

This is really blurry, but the coat is Mary Magdalene's Gabriella coat(royal bordeaux) without the cape.
I used the bow from my Terese jacket(chocolat) on the collar.
And I forgot to put my leg back (lol)

Following: some ramdom talk.
It's already March. It's the end of the school year soon!
Still, I'm doing nothing and the time keeps passing just like that.
Going on like that, the cherry blossoms will soon be gone, we'll be lamenting "Ahh, it's so hot!" and then soon "It has gotten cold again lately"... And then it's already new year's again, it's awful!
Though I'm just ranting here ^^;

Damn you classic brands and your fancy item names! Feel free to correct me if I fail to romanize them correctly.
06 March 2010 @ 08:47 pm

This is a souvenier from a friend, egyptian hibiskus tea, it tastes really awesome with honey (´∀`*)
It has a really nice colour~
Thankfully I'm really into honey lately.
I'm experimenting with putting apple honey into all kinds of black teas.

A vital point of teatime are the sidedishes, too!
The rusk from the bakery was really awesome (゜д゜)
I wanna eat some~~

Yesterday I was at Cath Kidston and Marimekko, they are already in spring mode (・∀・)
Sax and red are a really cute combination, I really wanted those strawberry lunch mats at Cath's.
The Cath stuff would also go well with my Shirley Temple tea set.

I cleaned up so I had some free space for drinking tea (´∀`*)
I put all the stuff in a Shirley Temple basket and made it a rule to put everything in there from now on so it wouldn't lay scattered on the table.
It's a little landmark in a room full of goodies~

I haven't forgotten about this community, life's just really busy right now. I'm going to post whenever I find the time though :D
22 February 2010 @ 09:32 pm

But still a normal entry.

We went out eating today~!!

February 14th is Valentine's, but it's also my birthday....... I'm a chocolate child....... (haha)

I could immerse myself in my hobbies,
spend time with my favourite people,
eat sweet things,
which isn't really that rare but it still felt special! So it made me happy, thank you......!
I also got presents, and a surprise ice cream which was awesome!
I even got mails and phone calls, I was sooo happy!

I almost spent this Valentine's quietly by myself, just thinking that another year has passed, please bear with me this year, too.
I'm a downhearted person from the countryside, so thanks for always watching over me!

I was able to meet up with Asama and Bokaro at an event!
Dark forest Circus. Sorry Maina.......Maina?
Anyhow, I love Machige, so I want to do lots of her costumes.......
I was invited last minute the past week, thank you!!

As soon as I've edited them I'm going to post the rest of the pictures.

Ah, today's outfit.
Black Starry Night Theater!
Those swimmer socks kept sliding down and they are a weird length, so I wore tights, too.
I don't get my feet, what's going on.
It's a busy pattern, so I tried to coordinate it a little more simple. (haha)

For now I'm going to sleep. I'll make a longer entry another day.
Good night~ !
05 February 2010 @ 05:37 pm
Part 2.

I also got some bags on sale (lol)


Enamel Bow Pearl bucket style bags in sax and black.
And a heart quilted black boston bag.
I'm getting more and more black clothes, so I wanted more black bags too, so I thought I'd buy two.
The bucket bags fit in stuff so well, so I thought I'd buy two...

AP bags always have cute charms.
The heart quilted boston's bow charm.

I heard it breakes off really easily, but mine's still there.

This is unrelated, but here are the heart charms on the sparkling heart bag I got the other day. They're cute, too.

And this umbrella, I was really surprised of how cheap it was!

Sax dessert collection print umbrella.
The print is silver so it doesn't stand out too much, it's pretty.

Though an umbrella is nothing you'd buy out in public (lol)

Next time I'll show you the clothes.

Ah, right, this is totally unrelated but I started to use Twitter.
It's in the linklist, feel free to keep me company when you're bored in your free time.
Though I'm just blabbering about random stuff on my own (lol)
I'd be happy to get some responses, haha.
01 February 2010 @ 11:59 pm
I'm slowly uploading all the things I've bought in Tokyo last week.

I've been roaming around Shinjuku at the beginning of the year (lol)
I wanted new black shoes, and they were just selling some that I liked so I got them.

Ah, now that I have more time I didn't use my mobile phone camera but my digicam.

Usually, for Tea Party's and other shoes I wear an S, but somehow with these......
They are narrow so I thought they'd hurt......
I asked for an M just in case, but they were sold out so I got an S,
I'm already feeling the pain......!
But I guess I'm safe even when the laces are untied;

The bow bounces, it's so cute!

And two pairs of socks~

Tricky Stripe - check, Dreamy Doll - check~
The Tricky's were on sale(hehe), the Dreamy's are from Kurocha.

I wanted the black striped version of the Dreamy socks, so when they went on resale I immediately bought them, and almost at their original price, I'm so happy~
I want to wear them with Toy Parade and Sugary.

Tricky is a Nightmare before Christmas collaboration~
At first I thought 'How am I going to use these?' because there are only the socks and some armwarmes from this series, but I'm going to use them like this. As soon as I lay hands on them in the store this coordinate came to mind.

↑ Like this.
Coordinated with the red Star Night.

A nightmare in a starry night, red and black and bats...... and a Hitsugi fan (haha)

Though I wonder where I'll be able to wear this~
I came up with this coordinate on a whim, so maybe I'll wear the same dress on two consecutive concerts. Yeah~

Way to be wasting money......or not......
30 January 2010 @ 06:59 pm

Mezzo Piano ☆ Beret
Emily Temple Cute ☆ Knit Turtleneck
Emily Temple ☆ Girl print JSK
Shirley Temple ☆ striped socks
collet ☆ bow brooch

This Emily Temple JSK is quite different from both Emikyuu's and Emily Temple's older designs, that time's Emikyuu was really POP&CUTE! Now their dresses are a little more quiet.

After quickly finishing housework in the morning I was out and about for the rest of the day and went to the Apple store and some other places.
Lately Leader has beeon coming home late due to business trips often, so I'm often updating my blog late at night.

Taking a walk is an adventure! I saw lots of things, I dissapeared to a place in Electric City where all kinds of things are and admired everything.
Incidentally I also came across some really delicious mandarins (゜д゜) Yum~

After coming home I read Full Metal Alchemist Vol. 1-21 which I've got from a friend.
I was really surprised because I had a feeling I had seen them before, the anime and movie versions aren't really chronologically tied together.
The answers are all there.
30 January 2010 @ 04:12 pm
A more quiet coordinate.

Because I'm not fully using the volume the skirt provides, it looks longer.
The Victorian Maiden volume chiffon petticoat is peeking out from under the melche shutilrforc flower print OP(chocolat).
On the inside I'm not wearing a blouse today, but an ivory coloured high-neck cutsew.
The thing you see on my head is a chocolat colour velvet ribbon and pink flower barette.
I tried to lengthen the skirt by adding the petticoat, but it turned out to stand out quite much.. The colour itself goes well with the skirt in my opinion, and it's definitely better than black, right?

Today's outer was my RF coat, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It's a really adorable coat.

Today I'm having a slow day off. I started the morning with doing my laundry and cleaning, and then took a bath at noon.
I really like bathing during daytime on my days off (haha) My parents used to say I'm like the chief of the bathtub.
There are surely times in winter when I spend about two hours in the bath...
I'd really like to go to a big public bath, but there is none close to where I live(I think).
There is one about an hour away with public transport, but I'd probably catch a cold on my way home in this kind of weather.
16 January 2010 @ 11:45 am
2010-01-17 00:45:58
Subject: New cell phone★

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Misako cell phone new version!!

After all、I received a pink x black designnn o(^-^)o

Straps are heavy and it submerges it so for now I think I won't attach any straps(>_<)

I'll use it wellll★
15 January 2010 @ 11:03 pm

collet ☆ bow headband
Shirley Temple ☆ Chocolate Alice JSK + SK
Jill Stuart ☆ turtleneck knit
Uniqlo ☆ Tights

Well, lately my life consists of ballet and pilates lessons, tea with Y and talking lots with Nekomura. Yeah, Leader is snowboarding wich means freedom!!

Lately I've been learning from lots of different teachers at the yoga studio, and one of them is a really pretty blond foreigner which is quite good at yoga. I was like, no way, this is my second class today, uhh, am I supposed to do this?!
By no means can my body do that.

○ Bending forward in the Standing Tree pose
○ Face up and leg raised 90 degrees, not moving for 3 minutes
○ Freestyle headstand

But I made it.. It was hard.. Ahh, awesome! Yoga goes deep inside.
Thanks to yesterday's ballet my body was really at eas, and doing pilates made it easier, too. ♥

The friend from Friday's ballet lessons, R, invited me to a lovely bakery, I think I want to go back there in the next days.

I'm busy with ballet, the bakery and New Years parties.
13 January 2010 @ 10:08 pm

Mezzo Piano ☆ Ribbon Beret
Shirley Temple ☆ Princess Rabbit JSK, tights
Uniqlo ☆ Shiny Rib Turtleneck (lavender)

I really love this shiny rib turtleneck because it's pastel colour matches Shirley Temple's pink so well ♥
I think it'll match Emilulu's sax and mint well, too!
My favourite colour combo is sax x pink, so I'd like to stock up on that in spring items ☆
I also bought some cute purple tights at Uniqlo, they aren't bad~

Lately I've been challenging Yoga and Pilates, and before I noticed I was able to do 30 Hindu Squats! So weird, it feels like doing weight training. One mooooaaarr!!!

Though doing both Yoga and Pilates classes is kinda hard! That's how I feel about it lately.
But it feels like it goes very deep into the muscles, yeah, really deep.

Today I went to buy a present for Leader after my lesson. I wanted to give him something to celebrate him passing his exams, and bought him something from BURTON. A head to toe outfit from the Ranger series, patch onepieces are great in my opinion.
The Shaun White series is cool, too (・∀・)!!
Somehow I went from lovely to cool things lately (*´Д`)