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23 September 2010 @ 06:54 pm
One rotten apple spoils the barrel.  
There is no real meaning to the title... it just came to my mind.
So, this is the outfit of the cold day we had. Haven't worn red for a while...

When I got dressed, it was still drizzling outside, so I didn't do anything with my hair, and didn't put a corsage in either for fear of getting it wet!
...so, I thought a hat would be convenient. It wasn't just laziness. (duh)

- Mary Magdalene Rose Scallop OP (off / rose)
- Mary Magdalene Puff Sleve Yoke blouse (kinari)
- Innocent World Mille Feuille Tulle Lace bolero (café au lait x bordeaux)
- Victorian Maiden Classical Doll canotier (bordeaux)
- Innocent World Rose Corsage sandals (bordeaux)
The bag is a bordeaux one from L'est Rose, the umbrella is pink.

I'm happy I could wear this crimson bolero with this kind of darker coordinate. I'd like to wear it plenty, but somehow I never have the chance... (cries)

This picture is kind of useless, but you can see the print on the OP best on this one...
I took off the bow on on the chest area of the dress. Because the bolero has a bow already.
But then the collar part looked so empty, so I put on a choker, so only the cameo part would be seen... I feel like I say this all the time, but I wish I had a cameo brooch!
I keep pondering whether to make one or buy one, but I can't decide... I'm hopeless....

But enough babble.

Harvest moon was yesterday.
Sadly, when I went outside the sky was clouded so I couldn't see the moon.
But the rabbit is surely doing well.