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05 May 2010 @ 08:43 pm
Shorenin Temple  

I went to see the lights at Shorenin temple.
It's lit up in blue, and as I like blue light I really wanted to go and see it.
It's also lit up during Hanatouro season, but I wasn't able to go back then, so now that it was Golden Week I thought it would be the right time to go.

I went when it was still a little light outside, so I watched the blue light grow stronger as it got dark, and with a cool breeze it was really calming.
I had a great time.
It's a small place so I was just watching the light change, and even though I say "just", it was extremely beautiful.
The gardens around it were lit up nicely, too(though not in blue), so it was an atmosphere filled with hidden beauty.

I did take some pictures, but... it's hard for me to take nice pictures in the dark, so none of them came out nicely, but here are some just to show the atmosphere.
People reading this on their cellphones won't be able to see much... Those who use a PC probably won't either... I'm sorry.